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America’s #1 Portable X-Ray Supplier.


Whether upgrading your facility from analog technology, setting up a lab or building a new urgent care center that requires efficiency, accuracy and patient comfort, DynaRad offers high-quality new and used X-ray equipment.

Years of Successful Imaging

Pound-for-pound, DynaRad systems are the most affordable x-ray systems on the market.

Completely reimagine your imaging capabilities with unmatched maneuverability thanks to the lightest systems in the industry.

Unmatched scanning potential in terms of power-to-size ratio. Easily conduct scans without being tethered to an outlet.

Your DynaRad is backed by our Field Service Engineers and support team.

Imaging Challenges

DynaRad Solutions

Our team of x-ray equipment experts are here to help you find the right medical imaging equipment and technology to ensure the highest quality care for your patients no matter your imaging challenges.

High-Intensity Workflow Solutions

Fully-integrated digital imaging systems.

Chaotic Environment Solutions

In-built storage for detectors, batteries, and accessories.

Mobility Solutions

Multiple tie-down points for an emergency, unpackaged transport.

Sole Operator Solutions

Cart size, agility, and maneuverability designed for single operators.

Limited Space Solutions

Bedside positioning for erect, supine, or lateral exams. Four-axis head and collimator movement for cross-bed positioning.

Power Supply Solutions

All-day battery operation for non-supply powered facilities.

Big Power. Small Footprint.

DynaRad Portable

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Enhanced Imaging. Vet Ready.

DynaVet Systems

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Who We Serve

Freestanding Emergency Rooms

Urgent Care Centers

Outpatient Facilities

Nursing Homes

Home Health Care


Government Medical Facilities & Prisons

Equine Practioners


Ambulatory Surgery Facilities

Specialty Outpatient Centers & Clinics

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